Your diary, on your iCloud

Dyrii is more than just a journal. Think of it as a time capsule of all your memories and activities on planet earth.

Our goal is to help you preserve your one-of-a-kind personality for future generations and possible civilizations.

Web App (beta)

For iPad and macOS screenshots, click here.

Key Features

Timeline of your life

See your entire life memories with stories, milestones and photos in a smooth scrolling timeline.

Record Everything

Attach anything to your posts from photo, audio, video, drawing, places, reviews, weather, to your emotions! And if you don’t feel like typing, use either audio, video, or dictation to record your story.

iCloud Sync

Write from Anywhere. Your data is synced across all of your Apple devices through your iCloud2 Account.

Automatic Journal

Just keep it in your pocket and remember restaurants you ate at, museums you visited, hikes, romantic strolls, trips and more.

Life Milestones

Bookmark important events like recitals, graduations, reunions, memorials, weddings, your children's early years, and more.

Creative Slate

A digital canvas that lets you sketch, doodle, or create handwritten notes with the Apple Pencil1. Perfect for Doodlers, dreamers, and journalers alike!

Track Health & Mood

Track your mood and health history over days, weeks, months, and years. Printable for use in therapy sessions or just for your peace of mind.

1 Apple Pencil works only with iPad Pro.

Simple Yet Powerful!

It has everything you need.

• WYSISYG Editor
• Tags
• Media/Album View
• Backdated Entries
• Calendar View 
• Map View
• Print PDF
• Day Cards
• Time Travel
• Offline Support
• Reminders
• Passcode Lock

Data Organization

Everything you've written can easily be searched by word or time frame. Find records by keyword, filter them by date, post type, tags, or location.


We remove the complexity from your data and visualise it through multiple views and graphs. See your memories like you've never seen them before and gain a different perspective.

Import Existing Data

Supports importing your existing data from other apps such as Day One.

Data Security & Privacy

Architected For Privacy

The most personal app must also be the most private. We built Dyrii specifically to keep your data yours. Contrary to many other journaling apps, Dyrii saves your personal data on your device and your Apple iCloud account. There are no Dyrii servers in the chain - just you, your devices, and Apple iCloud backend. We cannot access your data because you've got the keys - your Apple Account Credentials. We strongly believe this is the only way to securely store your sensitive data.

Store on Device Option

If you need additional privacy, you can turn off iCloud Sync, and your data will never leave your device.


We are here to stay. But we don't want you to feel lockedin. You can take your data with you to analyze it further offline or import it into other application. You can export your data anytime in plain text, csv, rtf, and other standard machine readable formats such as json.

To learn more about our Privacy Policy, please visit our Privacy Center

About us

Dyrii is a journaling app for iPhone, iPad and Mac, developed by Dyrii, LLC. We are a small team of two, located in Sunnyvale, CA. Dyrii was born out of our personal need to record our life moments in a safe and long lasting way. We value user privacy, which is why we decided to build this app using Apple’s iCloud.

While there are a lot of great journaling apps out there, most of them require users to store their data on third party servers. Our goal with Dyrii is to give users an option to use their existing iCloud storage without worrying about privacy, additional cost, or the shelf life of their data. We hope you find it useful!

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